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Thu May 6 22:58:54 EDT 2004

I have been reading with interest the discussion of Hagerstown.
Harry Bundy accurately described the situation at Vardo yard.
To understand this better you need to know something about the
way PRR ran the yard. While I had many friends on PRR/PC,
I must honestly report management of the facility was uneven.
Hagerstown was out-of-the-way and not on the PRR east-west
mainline. PRR Philadelphia and Harrisburg Division officials
would use openings in Hagerstown to rid themselves of a personal
rival or malcontent. The N&W was on bottom rung of this
Hagerstown pecking order.

Steve Koppe gave a good run down on the N&W/PRR yard(s)
which moved in location to the southwest as the yard grew.
The first yard (of the Franklin RR-later Cumberland Valley RR),
was located in the station area. It later moved to the location
between Hager Tower and W. Antietam Street. Following the
1925 consolidation this 6 track yard was closed and used for
car storge. Enclosed is a photo from A.B.P.R. showing K2 128
backing out of the engine terminal at the east leg of the wye. In the
distance you can see the storage yard beyond Hager tower.

Mason Cooper

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