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 >[John Kitterman asked:]
 >Were SD -40's ever used by N&W?  If not, which diesels were used in the late
 >70s early 80s?

yes SD-40's and SD-40-2's were used by the N&W


N&W purchased and operated 2 groups of SD-40's.  The first group of 30,
1580-1609  were built in 1966.  The second group of 15, 1610-1624 were built
in 1971.  All 35 units had high short hoods and came with dual cab control.
All had the long hood designated as front.  There were truck variations
within the groups.  A very visible difference was the location and type of
hand brake.  The first group used s lever on the side of the short hood.
The second group had a brake wheel on the point of the long hood end.
All 45 units made it into the Norfolk Southern roster and most are still in
service (a least last time I checked...though they are being retired).

The other common locomotives that were seen in road service in the 1970's
lasting into the early 1980's were GP-7's,GP-9's, GP-18's, GP-30's, GP-35's,
GP-38AC's, GP-40's, U-30b's, C-30-7's, SD-9's, SD-35's, SD-45's, SD-40-2's,
and (RSD-12's and C-630's in yard service)  The N&W operated numerous EMD
NW's and SW's as well as ALCO T-6's in yard service.

Ed Painter Jr

Dear John,
     The SD-40's were most defiantly used by the N&W. Many were the High Hood
version. I feel that they were the best engines we ever had. Any chance
Lionel will make the High Hood version?
Jimmy Lisle

SD-40s were purhased by N&W almost from the time they were available, as 
well as
SD-45s.  Followed by SD40-2 in the 70's and 80's.  The first N&W SD40-2 had 
noses, the later N&W SD40-2 had standard low noses.
nfmisso at flash.net

YES, N&W was an owner of SD40's.  They were all built with the HIGH NOSE
option, tho... and require kitbashing to model.  Many of them are still
in service for NS, I believe.  The N&W was also a huge buyer for the
SD40-2, which replaced the SD40.  The first small group of these (10
locos) were high-nosed... the remaining couple hundred were standard
low-nose types.  Most of these are still serving faithfully.

The late-70's/early-80's era was extremely interesting on N&W.  They
still had hundreds of old GP9's running around doing various chores,
along with GP7/GP18/GP30/GP35/GP40, SD35/SD40/SD45, and GE C30-7/C36-7.

There were also a multitude of oddball units still on the property,
such as some Alco C630's (in yard service by that date), and many
classes of switchers... both new and old.


The N&W had 45 SD-40's numbered from 1580 thru 1624 according to the N&W
Second Generation Diesels book by Withers & Bowers.
Bill Tucker

Most assuredly, numbered from 1580 to 1624. And they also ran SD40-2s
numbered from 1625 to 1652.


The N&W did indeed have SD40's.  They were #1580-1624.  As to diesel's used
during the 70's and 80's.  There were a bunch.  Lot's of 1st generation
units, and several types of 2nd generation units such as; GP30, GP35, GP38AC,
GP40, SD35, SD40-2, SD45, SD50S, U28B, U30B, U30C, C30-7, C36-7, C420, C425,
C628, C630, and T-6.  I have not included all the 2nd generation units that
were acquired by the N&W through acquisition of other roads, and mergers.
These are just the units the N&W bought directly.

Stuart Thayer
Modeling the Appalachian Coal Fields

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