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Thu May 6 22:47:51 EDT 2004

     I have some information on the South River Lumber Co. It was photo copied
from a book I believe was titled - Pennsylvania Logging Railroads Vol.6. I
will have to dig around to find out if this is the exact title. The chapter
about the SRL Co is several pages long.
     There is still the shell of a locomotive cab sitting near church at
Cornwall. There is also at least two pictures in the VPI/N&W collection of
the area. One of the mill and one looking south down the N&W mainline.
Jimmy Lisle

We covered the South River Lumber Company briefly in
the Shenandoah Book. There are three references and a
photo included. In research, I found another shot of the
lumber drying yard at Cornwall in the VPI&SU collection,
which you can access via the internet. Also in the
newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.rail a few months ago
there were several photos posted. There are a few internet
sites that archives these, and allow you to view them later.
I can't recall the exact link, but look at http://railfan.net
As for maps, there is a soft cover book sold in sporting
goods sports entitled "Hunting & Fishing in Virginia" It
was constructed showing hunting reserves over an older
map as the basic database, and has a nearly complete map
of the Irish Creek Railway, (the name of Cornwall Lumbers
Best of luck in your search. Mason Cooper

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