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Thu May 6 22:48:50 EDT 2004

I have discovered a book, "Wild Catting" on the Mountain, by Benjamin Kline
which devotes an entire chapter (including pictures) to the lumber and logging
operation of the South River Lumber Co. in Cornwall, VA -  - where everything
connected to the N&W.  The book is primarily devoted to logging in Pennsylvania
which was the locale of the parent company, Whitmer and Steele.  The book, not
for checkout, is in the Nelson County Library in Lovingston, VA and I located a
copy in a used book store in PA.

They operated 5 Climax engines which initially followed Irish Creek, then
switch backed up Painter Mountain and branched out along the present route of
the Blue Ridge Parkway.  At the end of its operation, it had crossed the Blue
Ridge and got as far as Montebello on the eastern slope.

I am going today to 4 wheel along the route!

Gene Williams

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