[N&W] Re: N&W's Longest Train

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Thu May 6 22:44:12 EDT 2004

 >I'm curious ... is there approximately one foot of slack per car?

Yep, Bob.  We figured one foot per car - that's cars not equipped with
end-of-car cushion underframes, of course.


After turning my basement upside down I finally found the article from the N&W
magazine. It was in the January, 1968 issue. Also, Railway Age had a full page
writeup of the trip in their November 27, 1967 issue. The trip was not 
since, in addition to the Railway Age writer, there was also one from the 
World-News. In addition to those previously mentioned, gang leader Don Mayberry
and general air brake inspector John Marcroft were also on board.
Dick Fisher

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