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Thu May 6 22:35:04 EDT 2004

The pole you are referring to is a "push pole". It was placed between the car
and the engine in the push pockets at the bottom corner of a car and engine
pilot or rear of the tender. All four corners had a pocket. It was used to
push a car down to a spot or push a car out of a spur track where the spur
had a facing point switch and you needed to get the car behind you or to push
a car in the clear that got hung up in the switch while you were trying to
swing it in the spur. Things like that. Due to obvious safety concerns they
were discontinued.
Jimmy Lisle

Does anyone know for sure if the Class M 433 in
Abingdon Virginia still has its pole?  I was thinking
that it did, and that it is on the firemans side of
the tender hanging in two metal hoops.  I know of no
other push poles anywhere in any museum.
Ben Blevins

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