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Thu May 6 22:34:48 EDT 2004

[Philip Taylor asked:]
Are there any branch lines of the N&W that have fairly
heavy traffic and have an interchange yard on the
main?  The era could be from 50's to present.

The Clinch Valley district interchanged with L&N and Interstate in Norton 
as well as Clinchfield in St. Paul plus had many mine branches of it's own 
too. The traffic was fairly heavy though predominately coal.
Nate Cox

     The Chesapeake and Western, running from Elkton, VA to Harrisonburg, VA
(and points north and south of Harrisonburg), has very heavy traffic. It is
mostly grain for the Poultry plants, but it also carries autos for the
auction yard, propane gas, telephone poles, etc. While the original terminus
was Elkton, the CW now has trackage rights, so to speak, into Shenandoah and
uses this yard  to "interchange" with NS. Due to the vast increase in
business this was the only way to handle the increase in traffic. Before, the
small volume of interchange was performed at a short storage track ( the
'Bark Siding' which is still in place) and a storage track connected to the
passing siding at Elkton (both have been dismantled).
Jimmy Lisle

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