[N&W] Re: Script Mongram (Was freight car paint schemes)

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Thu May 6 22:34:28 EDT 2004

 >There is another bridge, though in Bristol, VA near the old Kern's Bread
 >plant, that has the N&W Gothic emblem in concrete. Mr. Ed King: do you know
 >when it was built?
 >Dave Grigsby
Dave - Guys -

I hate to admit it, but might be excused by saying I haven't lived in
Bristol since 1953 - but I'm not sure which bridge you mean.  The only
bakery I remember was Hechts, which spread such an aroma around the town
that you'd gain weight just by inhaling.  Are you talking about the US11
bridge just south of the Holiday Inn where we met in 1998?  Or the overpass
about a half-mile south of there?

At any rate, I hope to get up there in May - maybe I can look for it.


I have seen bridges with such decoration in Lynchburg.
Lois J. Ponton

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