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There are some pictures of Coal Mine Company Stores on the Virginia Tech Web
site. Most of them are associated with Coal mines, not the railroad.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you need to search under for these photos.
I'd start using Company Store for my search parameters. Mike Rector

Sands and Company operated stores at Mullens, Princeton and Roanoke for the
Virginian.  I assume stores were also located at Victoria and Norfolk.
Tom Marshall


I guess it depends where you draw the line. The N&W ran for a period 2 coal
company stores one at Chattaroy - Howard Collieries of N&W Ry. Co. (Edkins
#531) and Vulcan Colliery of N&W Ry. Co. (Edkins #2915) @ Vulcan, WV. Both of
these are (where) in Mingo Co. Although the C&O had a large interest in the
New River Company, and the N&W a large interest in the Flat Top - Pocahontas
Land Co. both of which were as you know large players in the WV coal fields.

The Virginian on the other hand clearly barged its way into the of the 2
fiefdoms, no wonder VGN was such a thorn in the side. To my knowledge the VGN
didn't operate any of its own mines. However there's a portion of a report of
coal mining in and around Mullens in Jack Fellers first book which mentions a
Virginian Smokeless Coal Company in Corrine. The only coal company scrip
listed for this town is for the Miller-Pocahontas Coal Co. Jack tells me that
there was one tipple in the town which was used by 2 companies which worked
opposite sides of the valley. Presumably they used the same company store as
well, explaining the lack of scrip.

John Munson

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