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Thu May 6 22:00:56 EDT 2004

Let's keep stirring the pot re the history of 1218 and 2156 and see what else
we can learn - - -

Steamtown USA was started at Keene N.H.;  but ran into opposition by both the
State and the community as they were confronted with steam operations,  So,
Nelson Blount moved his growing locomotive collection to Bellows Falls, Vt.
and kept things going in a somewhat more receptive location.  As it was
explained to me at the time,  even the Bellows Falls site didn't build the
attendance needed to properly finance maintenance,  construction,  etc.  So
the negotiation with the N & W would provide Steamtown with needed cash flow,
  while the N & W would get  "their" locomotive back.

Later, the financial crunch caused the Steamtown Foundation to give up on New
England,  sell part of the locomotive collection,  and move what remained to
the former DL & W yards in Scranton, Pa.  Private ownership failed - the NPS
stepped in,  and after a period of controversy and negotiation,  was able to
create a "permanent" working museum.

Did the N & W try to structure the deal to "steal" the A ?  Or was it an open
ended arrangement by which the N & W would maintain and operate the A
indefinitely ?

I don't have the answer.  But keep in mind the wide swings in steam
locomotive philosophy among sucessive generations of N & W management.  We
saw a too - rapid change from steam to diesel ( and lack of any plan to
preserve at least one of each ); followed by a decade of annual excursions in
most areas;  followed again by closure and clearance sale.

At this point,  I would like to see 1218 returned to Steamtown - my concern
is preservation for the next generation.

Jerry Crosson

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