[N&W] Y6a 2156

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Thu May 6 22:01:36 EDT 2004

For the record:
I was simply wondering why the 2156 was in St. Louis.
I do feel that Virginia has done less than its part in
helping the Virginia Museum of Transportation with its
preservation efforts, but since I live in the part of
Virginia that doesn't really exist (the part west of
Roanoke) I have little influence on state politics, or
anyone else for that matter to affect change in museum
funding.  I am displeased with the way 611 is
displayed, and I personally feel all displays in a
museum should be displayed in full running order, not
just repainted pretty junk.  While 611 just needs new
flues as far as I know, my favorite diesel, #1776
(SD-45) is now in new paint, but mechanically she is a
wreck.  The traction motors are gone!  The engine bled
out its oil in a big bucket for a long time too.  Is
this proper display for the VIRGINIA Museum of
Transportation?  I THINK NOT!  Hopefully some day the
museum will get the funding it needs to rebuild all
its displays, and put them under roof.  At least 2156
is partially under roof now, and someday I can make
the 12 hour trip to St. Louis to see her.
As I duck under the table I shout "NEXT!"
Ben Blevins  

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