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Thu May 6 22:00:37 EDT 2004

And the safety valve lifts :)
FWIW, I have been very impressed by the volunteers of the NRHS chapters
along the N&W that I've had dealings with, either through written queries or
riding excursions. Many are called, but few are chosen (or step forward) to
do the heavy lifting in these type of groups in many cases. The Roanoke NRHS
folk have graciously answered my queries through the years, in addition to
putting on some of the best excursions I've ever ridden. Try working the
logistics of a trip from Roanoke to St. Louis with a volunteer group and
you'll know what I mean. Where do you find 100 bags of ice 1,000 miles from
home, etc., etc.? The Roanoke folk also took up hammer, wrench and torch for
years to keep a museum fleet of rolling stock roadworthy ... that's darned
impressive. As one who's spent more than a few hours lying on his back in
the snow adjusting running gear or underbody equipment as a volunteer, I
know a little about such sacrifices. I'm only sorry I likely won't be able
to take my kids on an excursion behind 611 or 1218.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows

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