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Richard Hood asked:
 >My interest in the N&W was re-awakened on seeing a British
 >made video by Nick Lera on the return to service of 1218.
 >This was made around 1990 and showed near the beginning,
 >what appear to be two class M2 4-8-0s in a Roanoke
 >scrapyard.  Though in poor condition I wondered what had
 >happened to these locos, does anyone know if they are still
 >there and if so could one be salvaged for a cosmetic restoration.
I believe the are the locos referred to as "The Lost Engines Of Roanoke".
Here's a site that has been dedicated to the preservation of these locos
Unfortunately, whiles there's alot of stuff and talk on here, nothing has
actually been done. Hopefully someone can at least save them from
being scrapped, even if they aren't returned into service.
Brian Dembinski   :o)

Mr. Hood:

The last time I wondered back by that scrap yard there were at least two,
and perhaps three, Class M variations; there were also some N&W tenders and
what I believe to be a few H1 hopper cars.  This biggest problem with
removing the Ms is asbestos; but to answer your question, I believe there
would be enough to "part out" to cosmetically restore one locomotive.  Would
require tons of money.

Jim Brewer


The M's you refer to are on the property of Virginian Scrap Iron and Metal in
Roanoke.  Have been any number of attempts over the years to extract one for
cosmetic restoration without success.

Jim Gillum

I'm sure there will be many replies, but here is the web site that has
pictures and descriptions.  It is a really well done source of info.
  <A HREF="http://lostengines.railfan.net/">The Lost Engines of Roanoke</A>
Mike Rector

There is a website that will give you the info on the M2's in Roanoke.  It
really sad!!
Check out    http://lostengines.railfan.net/

David Crabtree

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