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Tue May 4 23:06:37 EDT 2004

[Thomas Marshall writes:]

The Morri Branch of the Virginian Railway extends from Simon Junction (405.4
from Norfolk) to Kopperston (MP 424.7).  The branch followed the Clear Fork
of the
Guyandotte River for much of its length  with grades varying from 0 to 0.7%.
West of
Oceana (MP 4.17) the grades increase with the final 4.5 miles having 2.32%.

During the postwar steam era two mine runs worked the branch tying up at
Shannon (MP 402) was a small yard located along the Guyandot River Branch.
The day shift would run to Kopperston mine and return to Shannon.  The night
shift would also work Kopperston along with Lynco mine on the return trip.
Shortly before the end of steam, the Shannon crews were eliminated and
replaced with mine runs based at Elmore.  The Virginian US class mallets
were replaced by single unit Train Masters in 1954.

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