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Since your question came via the L&N - NC&St.L e-mail list, I assume your
familiar with the recent book from Old Line Graphics by Ron Flanary titled
"Cumberland Valley Division Album 1945-1985". Although this doesn't deal
specifically with the N&W's Norton - St. Paul trackage, there is some
background information and a few photographs of the line. Another older book
titled "From Mine to Market" by Lambie has a few pages on the N&W's Clinch
Valley Extension in its development years - no photos. This is probably out
of print but I picked up a copy through the N&WHS a few years ago. Another
book that gives some early history of the SW Virginia area related to the
Interstate, L&N, N&W and Southern is a book titled "The Interstate Railroad -
History of an Appalachian Coal Road" by Ed Wolfe.
There isn't anything specifically on the N&W Norton-St. Paul line but the
area background info may be of interest. Seems like I recall seeing one
other publication with info on the area but it doesn't come to mind now.

     Not real familiar with current operations along the line. Probably the
most recognizable features of the Norton - St. paul trackage are the tall
trestles and tunnels. Much of the coal loaded on the ex-N&W in the Norton
area as well as coal loaded on the ex-Interstate trackage at Dixiana and
Pardee exits the area to the east via Norton. I assume that the coal destined
for the southeast heads down the ex-Clinchfield at St. Paul.  Export coal
and coal routed to VEPCO locations in Virginia presumably heads eastward to
Bluefield. In addition, several empty hopper trains are routed along the
Norton - St. paul trackage destined to Carbo and some West Virginia
locations. These trains are routed through Big Stone
Gap-Appalachia-Norton-St. Paul and represent an attempt to relieve some of
the congestion on the ex-Clinchfield over which NS has trackage rights.
Ed Wolfe

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