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Tue May 4 23:04:16 EDT 2004

The difference in the PRR and the N&W position signals offered may possibly be
this --   Prior to 1970, N&W still had one-color position light signals in
A target capable of displaying " Clear " - "Approach " or " Stop " had SEVEN
lights -- all amber.  When N&W adopted the color position light, the center
light was removed, so now  the same signal capable of displaying "STOP " -
"APPROACH'" or "CLEAR" had only SIX lights.  Penn Central stayed with the
PRR seven-lamp signal and it was not until Conrail that the signals were
changed and then ONLY the horizontal aspect was modified to display red .

Possibly anyone wishing to model the pre-70 N&W would choose PRR lights.

One other note -- N&W's STOP indication was one single light beneath three
horizontal amber lights (or two red ones).  On PRR,  the same aspect was
their STOP AND PROCEED.  In other words, on the PRR the bottom light had
to be illuminated to pass the signal.  I always thought that was a little
more failsafe.
                                              Harry Bundy

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