N&W coke and other wagons interchanged to and from DT&I at Ironton vs Waverly ?

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Another query.
Seem to remember that some of the coke and coal wagons from N&W were too heavy for, or would misbehave on the DT&I track from Ironton and so were interchanged at Waverly instead.  
Could have been the height of the Royersville / Vesuvius tunnel but I recall something about axle loadings too. 
Does anyone know what was interchanged onto the DT&I at Ironton specifically ? 
For example, whether coke may have been conveyed in smaller wagons like H-9 and H-10 hoppers? I know H34s were occasionally used as there is a shot of one still in the VGN scheme on DT&I in Detroit.
The far southern part of the DT&I was pretty much served by home-road stock, for clay and cement particularly, and they had their own coke traffic between Ironton - JISCO at Jackson.  
Since the main interchange down there was with N&W,  I'd like to be clear about what N&W wagons should be modelled. 
Any recollections or views welcome. 
Ben ScanlonLondon, England
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