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Jim, I wouldn't call this video a "comprehensive review" by any stretch,
but it does give a good look at it. It does appear to struggle with low
speed operation in the video. The video even has some bonus "Spirit of
Roanoke" lettering. 😉 Sorry.

Mike Rector

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> Jim,
> I can’t speak to the model of the J with DCC, but I have their newer 2-8-0
> and a couple 4-6-2’s from just about five years ago and they “aren’t your
> father’s Oldsmobile” to quote the old advertisement. The newer ones with
> DCC/sound seem very good. I had one of the old Bachmann J611 models, which
> left a lot to be desired before it quit. The newer Bachmann engines (both
> HO and N-scale) seem considerably better than the last generation of models
> we knew in the 1980s. I also have their Amtrak ALC-42 diesel model (HO). I
> think they’re going to give Athearn and others a run for their money if
> they keep this trend.
> Phil Miller
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> I would like to hear from those of you who have experience with the
> current generation of Bachmann J locos with DCC, for example PN 53202.  I
> had one of their Js from about 20 years ago and it left a lot to be desired
> in many areas.  Are the latest gen units good runners?  How is their slow
> speed performance?  Does the included DCC decoder support most of the
> latest DCC functions?  How good of a value do you think these are?
> Thanks,
> Jim Cochran
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