Trouble With Track Power

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If you haven’t tried checking the voltage directly at the DCS100
rail A and B ports, I’d suggest doing so. The simple “quarter
test” between the 2 rails should provide the short necessary to turn
off track power. If that still shows no power coming directly out of
the DCS100, then I’d suggest sending the info below to the Digitrax
Help Desk. They’ve been very helpful sorting out issues for me in
the past.
Gary Hoover

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	 I have not used my system in about 6 months but it was working fine
the last time I did use it.  As far as I am aware, nothing has changed
on my layout; however, I have no track power.  Please help!!  

	 I have:  

	 a DCS100 Command Station  

	 a DT402D Throttle (It was updated by Digitrax from a DT402)  

	 a UR92  

	 My railroad is HO scale  

	 When I turn my system on, I see the following:  

	* ON MY DCS100 
 	* I hear one beep as the DCS100 comes on and POWER light shows solid
 	* The CONFIG light is green and blinks too fast to accurately count
the blinks.  I would guess it blinks somewhere around 6 – 8 times. 
 	* The NET Light is solid red 

	* The TRACK power is not lit 
   	* ON MY UR92 
 	* The RADIO LIGHT is green and blinks once about every 4 seconds 

	* The NET light is NOT lit 

  	* ON MY DT402D 
 	* When powered on, the display is normal 
 	* TRACK power indicator is not displayed 
 	* When I use my THROTTLE to turn on track power, the track power
indicator displays 
 	* On my Command Station track power indicator turns solid red 

	* Other than the one beep I here when I power on my Command Station,
I hear no other beeps. 

I have NO power to the track when measured with a V/O Meter! 

What is my problem?  (Probably operator error but I don’t know what
I am doing wrong). 

Thanks for your help! 

Jack Fletcher  

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