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I have not used my system in about 6 months but it was working fine the last time I did use it.  As far as I am aware, nothing has changed on my layout; however, I have no track power.  Please help!!

I have:

a DCS100 Command Station

a DT402D Throttle (It was updated by Digitrax from a DT402)

a UR92

My railroad is HO scale

When I turn my system on, I see the following:

  *   ON MY DCS100
  *   I hear one beep as the DCS100 comes on and POWER light shows solid green
  *   The CONFIG light is green and blinks too fast to accurately count the blinks.  I would guess it blinks somewhere around 6 – 8 times.
  *   The NET Light is solid red
  *   The TRACK power is not lit

  *   ON MY UR92
  *   The RADIO LIGHT is green and blinks once about every 4 seconds
  *   The NET light is NOT lit

  *   ON MY DT402D
  *   When powered on, the display is normal
  *   TRACK power indicator is not displayed
  *   When I use my THROTTLE to turn on track power, the track power indicator displays
  *   On my Command Station track power indicator turns solid red
  *   Other than the one beep I here when I power on my Command Station, I hear no other beeps.

I have NO power to the track when measured with a V/O Meter!

What is my problem?  (Probably operator error but I don’t know what I am doing wrong).

Thanks for your help!

Jack Fletcher

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