Ed King Book - Last Chance for Pre-Publication Pricing!!!

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Thu Mar 2 10:09:37 EST 2023


First, thanks to all of those who have taken advantage of the
pre-publication pricing on Ed King's new book.  You have made this project
a reality.

In February 2023 there was on pre-order, bringing the total sold to 229.

Per the notice in the January-March 2023 issue of *The Arrow*, the
pre--publication price will remain until *March 30, 2023.*  So this is the
last time I will be beating the drum to encourage you to pre-order this

*Memoirs of an Appalachian Railroad Man* can be ordered here:

Again, thanks to all who have already ordered.  For those who haven't, this
is your last chance to take advantage of the pre-publication price.

Jim Brewer
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