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For steam, this might be one of those times you have to buy some alphabet
sets and spell it out since the letters aren't all the same size. 
Sometimes, I've had luck getting an N&W passenger car decal set and using
groups of letters from decal sets. Sometimes, I've had to get O-scale
passenger set decal and use the car names for HO-scale larger lettering.
Using decals of different scales helps some to fill the void for those
needed, without spelling out every single letter. 

Here's are a couple color slides posted online for reference:  

Some photos and other interesting info at this link: 

ShellScale passenger decal:  

Phil Miller

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Greetings all

One of our members is looking to see if there are any decals to letter
Winston-Salem Southbound steam power in HO scale.

Any thoughts?

Ken Miller
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