S-2 sleepers by Walthers

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 The initial assignments of the S2's were as follows: Buchanan County on trains 1&2 Raonoke-New York, McDowell County New York-Williamson on 15 and 16, Sussex County on the Cannonball NewYork-Norfolk. They were paired with an identical PRR car. On the New York-Williamson run it was the Juniata Rapids. Later, after the S1's were delivered, they became part of the general pool.
Jim Nichols
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I believe they were purchased for use on trains 1 & 2 up the Shenandoah Valley line between New York and Roanoke, but may have also served on either the Pocahontas or Cavalier between Roanoke and other stations.
Marty Flick

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We’re the three S-2’s used on specific trains, or werethey used system wide?
Dutch Thompson

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