S-2 sleepers by Walthers

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Tue Jun 14 15:15:28 EDT 2022

Jimmy Lisle asks:
I'm just curious, it says "with decals", does that mean that they come unfettered?

In previous releases of cars for other roads, Walthers has lettered the roadname but supplied multiple choices of decals for the car name or number. I'm betting the same is true here.

A word of caution -- decaling the car name is not as simple as it sounds. On the cars for other roads in previous releases, the Walthers finish coat was not perfectly glossy, resulting in the tiny fish-scale bubbles under the decal. You can apply a gloss coat to the sides before decaling, but that requires masking each window. It's also possible to gloss-coat just the area under the car name, and follow the decaling with a semi-gloss finish -- but that may leave a mismatch of gloss with the rest of the carbody.

Perhaps the Walthers finish on the new N&W cars will be glossy (or smooth) enough to minimize these problems. Let's hope!

Bob Chapman

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