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I'm afraid I have to take exception to Rev Jim's suggestion.

Walthers did do the correct truck and I think it's available separately. Its called the 41-NP-11 and came under the plan 4140 sleeper they did for the Pennsy.  The spotting feature is the narrow set of elliptical leaf springs where other trucks have a damper (shock absorber). 


Rick C Stone

NWHS #0001


Thanks, Jim. What a shame Walthers didn't do the 3 N&W S-2 cars.
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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The Walthers Proto  GSC 41-HR is probably as close as you can get. I'm told that there are some minor differences among the prototype trucks of this type, but they are too small for me to spot. I believe this is the truck Walthers uses on its plastic model of the PRR 10-6, which is what the N&W S2 is.
Jim Nichols
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I just purchased an N&W S-2 lightweight brass sleeper without trucks. I'm not very familiar with truck classes and all on passenger cars. I have no good pictures to go by and the references I have found say they had T96 or T94 trucks. Anyone have better info or know which replacement trucks I could install on my car? I'm not adverse to using some Walthers trucks as they are pretty nice should they have the right ones. Brass ones would also be good to have.
Thanks for the help!
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works
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