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With regard to the H2 H2a and H3 differences, it should be noted that the
H3 were the oldest, having been rebodied from the HU quad hoppers
originally built in the 1920s.  They had basically the same bodies that
were applied to the later H2 and H2a cars.  The H3s had symmetrical peaked
ends.  The H2 and H2a cars had  ends that were flat over the ladders on the
ends which then sloped sharply up to the top of the peak.  The H3s had the
Andrews-Floyd trucks; a few had Bettendorf-style trucks with the Dahlman
spring arrangements.
As I recall, there were 2000 H2 cars whose bodies were pretty much similar
to the H3 cars; the H2s had a 70-ton Bettendorf style of truck without ride
control spring snubbing.
The H2a cars were essentially identical to the H2s with Ride Control style
trucks.  The trucks supplied by the model makers can suffice for the models
of either class.  I don't know if a truck has ever been modeled that would
suffice for the H3 trucks.  The bodies of all three classes had a cubic
capacity of 2460 feet, the same as the H10 cars of 1956 and later.
I'm pretty sure that the 17-inch lettering would do for the earlier
classes; how much intermingling of the three styles was done I couldn't
When I went to work at Shaffers Crossing shop track in 1959 scrapping of
the H3s was proceeding apace and I was involved in inspecting cars at the
scrap yard and marking material to be bought back and reused to repair N&W
cars on the shop track.
Hope this helps . . .
Ed King

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> I noticed that Broadway Limited has another run of H2A's in the works.
> This run will feature both 17 and 24 inch schemes as well as hamburger
> scheme repaints. I'm wondering was it possible to still see 17 inch
> lettered cars around 1960? I'd like to add some to my fleet for some
> variety, but I'm not sure how many I would need.
> Also, what all needs to be done to a Broadway Limited H2A in order to
> convert it to an H3 or H2? They all seem very similar to each other.
> -Evan Miller
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