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According to "Cabooses Of The Norfolk And Western", most of the
cabooses acquired in the 1964 merger stayed on the western end of the
sytem until the 1970s when pool service began.
Marty Flick

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	Did they ever roll east into Virginia? Or were they basically captive
to the west end? 

	Don Trettel 

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	It's a former P&WV caboose that became N&W in 1964. The font appears
correct. I photographed some of these in Ohio during the 1970's. These
cabooses saw little to no service on the pre-1964 N&W.  

	Ed Painter   

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	I have read comments that the font is wrong in the lettering of this
new Athearn Caboose.  

	I would like to hear comments on this thought, here is the link to
the pdf.   


	James Wall   

	Rural Hall, NC   

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