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No black models will be produced at this time.  They were delivered in 1957
in the black F1 scheme .(Deluxe gold lettering in the style that was used
on N&W steam locomotives with no herolds on the noses or above the numbers
on the cab sides below the windows).  Many GP9's spent part of their lives
in Peveler Blue, F4 scheme.  My preference would have been for F2 or F3
painted GP9's.  With the RS11's I tried to convince Rapido to produce
undecorated black models but they didn't understand the value and didn't
produce them.   Undecorated, painted black models would serve well to decal
your model into any of the black schemes that may have been on the
particular locomotive.  Anyway at least someone finally is doing an N&W
freight GP9.  I'll continue to try and convince model manufacturers that
where appropriate we would have a market for undecorated, black N&W
locomotive models. And yes please excuse my horrid typing and spelling on
this morning's note!

Ed Painter - Member #70, N&WHS Modeling Committee Chairman, from Narrows,
VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> Were all of them delivered in blue?  What year?  No black ones?
> On 1/21/2021 9:35 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Good news from Walthers Proto.  They will be offering 4 different numbers
> of of N&W freight GP9's in Pevler Blue.  766 and 767 will be offered with
> Sound-DCC (ESU Loksound 5 Decoders) and 769 and 809 in DC only, DCC ready.
> The picture with the passenger scheme frame stripe is incorrect.  I've
> verified with Walthers that the units will not have the passenger scheme
> yellow stripe and will adhere to N&W's Pevler Blue freight scheme.  The
> absolute prototype accuracy of the units is still to be determined but they
> without doubt will be the best plastic N&W freight GP9's offered to date.
> You can see the various N&W specific features they have incorporated on the
> models.  I recently purchased an Erie Lackawanna GP7 from this same series
> of models and found it to be very accurate prototypically and operationally
> excellent too.Pre-orders must be submitted by 2/28/21 with delivery
> scheduled for 6/21.  There are numerous credible and reliable dealers you
> can pre-order these locomotives through.  I ordered all 4 and will convert
> the DC-DCC ready models to sound with ESU Loksound 5 decoders.
> Ed Painter - Member #70, N&WHS Modeing Committee Chairman, from Narrowes,
> VA living in Cohutta, GA
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