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 The roof could be red, aluminum or black, depending on when or where this paint job was done. In this picture, it appears to be red.
Jim Nichols
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I have a factory painted, unlettered, Division Point C-3 like in the photo attached.  It’s incorrectly painted red on the steps and platforms (should be black).  Were the roof and running boards also red?  What color model paint is close to the red used in the mid 60s when these were repainted from as-delivered scheme and prior to the blue with yellow/red safety stripes?


While I like the blue scheme better, I have a blue C31 that can be used to represent late 60s into mid 70s.  Since I’m modeling a freelanced version of the Abingdon Branch into the early 70s, I can likely get by with no NW schemes.


Jim King


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