old Rivarossi engines and large flanges

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Rick,There was an article in MR back in the day about this.Jimmy LisleSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> Date: 8/21/20  10:34 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> Subject: Re: old Rivarossi engines and large flanges I have seen this done by replacing the drivers on the Y6b with the next largest diameter Rivarossi drivers which I think were from the B&O 2-10-2. The replacement drivers had their flanges turned down.  Because the Rivarossi drivers were undersized in diameter (due to oversize flanges), the diameter of the replaced drivers looked right. This was done by Courtney Bennington of Winchester, VA.  He had the tooling and the skills to do it. Downside was that the Y6b sat too high above the rails, especially looking at the pilot.  This was in the 1970's when you could buy all the driver assemblies you needed for not much money.  I remember Gilbert's in Gettysburg having a large stock of Rivarossi AHM parts.--Rick Morrison----- Original Message ----- From: "NW Modeling List" <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org>To: "NW Modeling List" <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org>Sent: Friday, August 21, 2020 8:49 AMSubject: old Rivarossi engines and large flanges> Gentlemen:>> Has anyone attempted to change out the Large Flange Drives on old > Rivarossi engines like the 70's Y6b or Berkshire?> Eric Raitch> Gainesville, Va>> ________________________________________> NW-Modeling-List at nwhs.org> To change your subscription go to> http://list.nwhs.org/mailman/options/nw-modeling-list> Browse the NW-Modeling-List archives at> http://list.nwhs.org/pipermail/nw-modeling-list/> ________________________________________NW-Modeling-List at nwhs.orgTo change your subscription go tohttp://list.nwhs.org/mailman/options/nw-modeling-listBrowse the NW-Modeling-List archives athttp://list.nwhs.org/pipermail/nw-modeling-list/
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