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Another one which has a good website with lots of features is the Chicago and North Western HS. The first train my Dad got me as a kid was CNW, as we had family in Northern Indiana. They’ve done some interesting things with modeling too. 


I have some items I want to work on and write up for NWHS on modeling, but work (and life) are keeping me from it at the moment. With any luck, in just under two years I can pull the plug on work and concentrate on important things like trains and family (not always in that order). 

Phil Miller


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Hey Matt


Frank beat me to the punch, but the policy is still debatable, I have no problem with a modeling article, as long as it is basically timeless, in other words, not based on a specific kit, part, model that may disappear on the future, some things truly vanish from the scene and only occasionally will show on a secondary market, now if you are talking about Rivarossi cars, sure no problem, they will be around for a long time, but an obscure kit or very limited production model as the main basis of an article is not a good idea for someone on down the road. Scratchbuilt models with documentation would be excellent.


I’ve asked our modeling committee to come up with a survey for members, so we can actually see what people want. The Arrow is more of a historical journal, which is fine, it should serve as a great reference for modelers as well. I try to put photos in that can be related to modeling as well. In my days as a modeler, now long past, I always looked for photos and drawings that would give me new ideas or clarify questions. I still try to think about that when putting the Arrow together, as well as the documentation.


However, what I’d really like to see is a modeling e-mag like a number of other groups. There are several reasons for such to be e-mags, one it keeps the production costs down considerably, printing and mailing is expensive, and if modeling is only a portion of our membership (which we really do not know how much) that we are serving, the magazine should reflect that. But the history is our first priority, as I think most can understand.


Take a look at some of the other modeling magazines from other groups, most have a magazine devoted to history that goes to members, since I do not see all of these, I cannot speak to content as history vs. modeling


The Pennsylvania has a great quarterly magazine, much like ours, focus is on history, but they have a strong modeling group that is quite willing to share in The Keystone Modeler:


The New York Central has a great magazine and a separate e-mag for modeling:


The Nickel Plate folks also have a modeling e-mag:


The Atlantic Coast Line/Seaboard Air Line group does this


The Baltimore and Ohio group also has this:


The Southern Pacific group has some material available:


Now, I cannot find anything on the Union Pacific or Santa Fe on-line. There are some other roads that offer modeling material in addition to their magazine, but in interest of keeping this shorter.


But, as I stated in the previous email, we cannot publish material that is not submitted. As I said, my modeling days are past, so I am of little use on that. However, to make an e-mag can be easily done, if folks will get the material to us, we will assemble and make the e-mag available.


An e-mag is much simpler than print, photos can be lower resolution, than requirements of 4/c printing, product listings, new products available, tips and suggestions, photos of your models.I’d really prefer tp have someone coordinate and then get the material to me, then I will put it in a final form for distribution.



Ken Miller (miller at



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“There is a simple reason that there have been no modeling articles, nobody has submitted anything"


That’s a great prompt, Ken.


The editorial decision you mentioned regarding the Arrow makes sense, kind of. Intuitively, it makes the Arrow more relevant to general history audiences - readers who wouldn’t find models relevant. The reasoning seems faulty though, given older models are generally available on secondary markets. A counter argument is that having model topics in the magazine would provide a place for those items to land, when they do come up. I understand that this policy isn’t up for debate - I’m thinking out loud.


I’ve learned from this thread that projects that are simply documented in a (again) “thinking out loud” form have real value to others. I’ll polish my document up (using Eric’s feedback) and submit it to Ken for evaluation (and likely deep editing). I’d encourage others to do the same with their own efforts.


Matt Goodman

Columbus, Ohio, US



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