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Could you relay this privately to Mr. Crosson?  Thank you!

-Eric Bott

Mr. Crosson:

Greetings!  I’m writing privately because I’m also an engineer (although not Civil, so you teachings about the truss terminology was new to me), and live in St. Peters, MO.  I’d enjoy meeting, if that suits you.  I don’t have a layout, but do have a decently interesting brass collection that might be worth your time.

Beer might be involved.

-Eric Bott
(314) 757-3609

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A teaching moment.  The Maybeury Bridges were ( incorrectly ) called "Camelback" -
while the word fits, the accurate engineering term is "Curved Chord".
The Maybeury Bridges are through trusses; either "Parker" or "Curved Chord Pratt" -
both terms are correct and mean the same.  Same for Central Valley's model of a
Parker Truss.
Walthers offers a through curved chord Warren Truss ( diagonals differ from Pratt ).

Jerome Crosson;  NWHS in St Peters MO.
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