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If you already have the large hole (I use a 1/2” bit) drilled directly under the turnout’s throw bar, then installing the Tortoise machine should be straight forward.  To mount my Tortoise machines after the 1/2” hole has been drilled, I first super glue a 3” X 3” square of .030 styrene with the one edge of the square adjacent to the hole and on the side of the hole where the Tortoise will mount.  Then, I apply double sided foam tape to the Tortoise.  Next, I put the Tortoise in the mid position.  The turnout points are also placed in the mid position and held there with 2 toothpicks.  The Tortoise can then be stuck into position by carefully aligning it such that it is not trying to pull the points in either direction.  I’ve found that doing this from above with a light shining from below helps.  The foam tape holds well—I’ve never had one come loose.

If your manual throws didn’t require the large hole that the Tortoise needs, then I’d suggest using the Switchmaster throws.  These work OK but don’t have the aux contacts that come in handy powering the frog and signal relays.

Hope this helps.

Gary Hoover

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> I have about 40 turnouts on my layout, all manually controlled.  I have finally decided to automate all turnouts using ​Tortoise Switch Machines.  In your opinion, what is the best way to go about this without having to lift up any track?  Thanks,
> Jack Fletcher
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