N&W Class HU hoppers

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Hi Jim.

This is one of those models that I think would sell reasonably well to pre-ware modelers, were they produced. Like you, I have not seen any modeling advice on these hoppers.

Recently, I bought a half-dozen of Broadway Limited's H2a hoppers with the intention of using them as a starting point to convert to HUs. The H2as are direct descendants of the HU, with the same dimensions. That's a good start, but the models will require a lot of modifications to back date them. Some are relatively easy, like removing the nine ribs on the side and replacing them with seven vertical and several horizontal stiffeners. Others are more involved - namely converting the three-hopper bottom to four. I have a couple of ideas on the latter that need some more research to determine if they'll work

I have not started this project yet - but hope to in the next several months.  Good luck to your friend.

Incidentally, on your other question about the caboose roof color, there have been past discussions about that on this list (one as recently as a month or two ago). You can search the archives via the NWHS site using some variation of the following two links where the first part is the website you want to search, and the second part (CF Caboose) is what you want to search for on the site.

site:http://list.nwhs.org/pipermail/nw-modeling-list/ CF Caboose
site: http://list.nwhs.org/pipermail/nw-mailing-list/ "CF Caboose"

The mailing list archives themselves can be found at the weblink in the middle of that mess.

Matt Goodman

Columbus, Ohio US.

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I have been contacted by a fellow modeler who would like to build a few HO models of the N&W Class HU 4-bay hopper; I looked through my files and did not find any modeling suggestions for this car.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for a good starting point? I will forward any and all suggestions on to him.


Jim Brewer
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