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It is a "Railroad Prototype Modeler" meet.  There are a number of these that have been active for years.

Here is a calendar of meets of this "flavor" -- 


The goal of RPM (as I understand it) is to constantly strive to improve the accuracy of railroad models to better represent the prototype, i.e., actual railroad equipment.  To that end, many "RPM hobbyists" are members of multiple historical societies in the hopes of obtaining diagrams, photos, blueprints, and other business records of a given railroad so as to model better.  Some in the larger hobby disparage these people as a "bunch of rivet counters" and think they spoil the hobby because RPMers are never satisfied.  Others feel it is a legitimate branch of model railroading.  Others feel it should be the ONLY way to model.  It's the latter who can give RPM a bad name-as they disparage the creative types who model "what if" scenarios and who look down their noses at tin plate or even those who try to build a huge layout and thus prefer ready-to-run "discount" models that may have molded on grabs or do not have brake piping etc.  Personally, I don't see why the hobby cannot have segments that range from playing with toy trains all the way to those who build static, museum-quality authentic models. 

I find that over time I have gravitated to RPM meets because I like to build the better models with each successive kit, and I feel like there are more people in RPM who  kitbash, superdetail, and scratchbuild -- all activities I enjoy.  I also enjoy history.  I've been a member of the Southern Railway Historical Association since the late 80's and a recent member of N&WRHS. I've been an off and on member of the B&OHS, the TAG Historical Society, and the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. And I like to bring that historical information to my modeling workbench. 

More than you asked for, but I hope it provides at least the answer you were looking for.

Dave Bott

Saturday, July 27, 2019, 5:28:52 PM, you wrote:

What is am RPM meeting?

Jimmy Lisle

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