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 Todd: The photos look great. We have long needed a correct RS-11 detailed for N&W. I see one item missing from the model. N&W replaced the ALCO sand box hatches that were found in the notches on each end of the RS-11 with an EMD style square filler hatch on the center line of the hood ends above the headlights. Harold .     On Saturday, July 27, 2019, 4:03:20 PM EDT, NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:  
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  Greetings from the St. Louis RPM. This meet is a very well attended by modelers and manufacturers alike. I happened upon the Rapido display and captured more images of the forthcoming N&W RS-11 sample.  If you recall, I posted photos of the sample back in January.  At that time, the sample had the cab that was incorrect (height). The cab has been re-tooled and fitted to the sample.  One Item that is missing from the sample is the knuckle basket and Rapido is well aware. These units are will arrive late 2019 per Rapido’s web site.  Please see the enclosed photos.


  Ron Davis has joined me for this venture as there are many historical societies present. Ron spent the better part of yesterday speaking with the other societies regarding their current status and pending challenges.  Too, there was a meeting of all society representatives last evening to discuss the challenges of the future.  Many topics and ideas of which to type in this message.  The highlight of the meeting was the other societies expressing praise and envy of our archives, website, and the software we use for accession. We walked out feeling pretty good despite the challenges that lie ahead.  Kudos to all of the archives volunteers and members that make it possible!






Todd Arnett
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