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The test DoD flats came out well when I talked to Bill at the Greenberg, PA RPM.  Ken and Bill are perfectionists, so even something coming out well might still need tweaks before they are ready to OK an entire shipment.  I should nudge them towards the N&W cabs, despite their strategy you outlined.  Problem is both roads' historical societies have worthy members who are dying to see their favorite models in production.  And one thing I do know, Bill and Ken do things their way no matter who talks to them, and their reputation is that they will be honest and the product they release is always worth the wait.  I have two of their B&O N34 covered hoppers and wished I had ordered more. I have 3 N&W cabs (well, one is lettered A&Y :-) on order.

For me, there are enough projects on my plate that waiting is only a money issue.  And this is a personal hobby, so the money is only what I can afford to lose.  If I were representing an historical society with limited coffers or a business of some sort, I might feel differently.


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I got a refund for my 5 cabooses plus extra trucks several months ago.  Bill Carl (SMD) told me that they were having their new Chinese supplier make the DODX flat because it was the easier of all current projects.  If it turned out well, they’d move to the 2 B&O wagontop cabs because they are oldest, then turn attention to the N&W cabs.  If the flat did not turn out well, they’d get that fixed first, then do the N&W cabs because they are easier than the B&O.  I don’t know which path they’ve selected.
Jim King
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I have emailed Spring Mills Depot for an approximate delivery date for the N&W cabooses (no response yet). I know that they have several projects ahead of them (3 projects @ one per year = 3 years till the N&W project).
I do not feel that they will be delivered anytime soon with their current work load. I have deposits on 46 cabooses ($2500.00+) and would like to know what others
feel about their deposits sitting there for such an extended period of time. I have thought about the return of my deposit and then reorder when they get close to actually
making the cabooses. What do others feel about the deposits being held up for an stented period of time?
Stephen Rineair
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  Perhaps I am reading your commentary as snide but I am propelled to explain this matter so that everyone is aware of the trappings.
  Yes, the lists were approved quite some time ago.  However, the planning of the convention took priority as the convention benefits the society and it's members. The lists, however, will only benefit a few and is also a free service which we are glad to supply. Also remember that this convention was "dumped" on Ken, Frank and myself as the original chairman and co-chairman vacated their positions and left the society. We are proud to do the work but we also have other society matters to handle along with our home life and day jobs.
  If you recall, I stated to you in the business meeting that I would give the moderators the green light to proceed upon returning home for the convention. I did so on Tuesday and Dr. Greer has came through.  
  If I am perceiving your tone wrong then my apologies. However, if my perception is correct then such is not productive at all.  Thanks.
Todd Arnett
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Wouldn't it be great if the NWHS Sales List were active!? It was approved by the BOD at least 3 months ago; supposedly it is "in the works" per information at the Roanoke convention business meeting.
Jim Brewer
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This engine doesn’t show up on ebay very often.  Reasonable opening bid.
There was an unpainted K-2a on ebay a couple days ago but I don’t see it now.  It was HEAVILY tarnished and would have required a LOT of work prior to painting.
Jim King
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