Overland Models Green Box Restoration

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Forget about trying to restore the box.  Once UV light has faded a surface, it's next to impossible to reverse the chemical process.  You're better off replacing the whole works.
Take the old box to a print shop and have them take a digital photo of the OMI decal.  Then have them print the decal on an adhesive-backed label that you can peel off.
Get a replacement box from Reboxx (https://www.reboxx.com) that is as close to the dimensions of the existing box.  Reboxx has all different shapes and all different colors, including OMI green.  While you're at it, also get some replacement foam and clear plastic wrap from Reboxx.
When the replacement box arrives from Reboxx, peel off the duplicate label and apply it to the new box.
Hope this helps.
Bill KingArlington, Virginia

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 Greetings fellow brass modelers, 
I have a Overland brass model and the green cardboard box is faded badly. Not sure if it was caused by the sun or what happened. Do any of you have any ideas on restoring the box back to it’s original green? I have not tried anything yet. I wanted to see what suggestions I got prior to doing so. 

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