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 Brown is the correct color. But just the roof sheets! The facia was red like the body. Over time this weathered to a dark grey. But don't use straight black. The "old" Floquil "Roof Brown" was not bad, although mixing in a little black would not hurt; but the acrylic Floquil I saw was too light. Red roofs came later.
Jim Nichols

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I’m gradually gathering a small collection of steam-era cabooses.  Most will require painting and I need to know appropriate roof colors for late 50s cabs.  I know the C-3’s were delivered with brown roofs and I plan to paint mine that way.  My Westside CF’s will have smoke jack caps, simulated tarpaper and tarred seams added to the plain roofs prior to painting.  I’ve seen some color pix that appear to have red and some with black but I have no color pix showing brown.


Is it accurate to paint CF and CG cabs black, brown or red to represent 1957-62?  I’ve been told that Floquil Roof Brown is a good color, followed by weathering.  Since the 2 Westside CF bodies will be identical, I’d like to vary the roof color to distinguish them.


Jim King

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