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This was a BPd combine.  Original N&W equipment built 1914 by Harland & Hollingsworth.
Modernized 1947-48, and I assume this is when they got the streamlined roof. 1501 to 1503 seated 44 passengers and had a short baggage compartment.  They replaced the P1 coach-crew room car in the Powhatan Arrow consist circa 1957.  By the early 1960's the combines were replaced with a separate baggage car and coach.  The last of the BPd's were sold for scrap in 1969. The Arrow picked up a RPO on the west end at the time The Cavalier was cut back to a Norfolk-Williamson train.

To model the 44 passenger BPd with the correct number of windows (13 each side not inc rest room windows) requires kitbashing.  What sets the car apart are the closely spaced single windows.  Using Athearn cars as a source for a combine will produce a car looking like a BPf, built 1935 by Bethlehem Steel.  Those were not used on the Arrow. N&W sold all of them off in 1959.

Here is a link to NWHS N&W steel car roster from build date to disposition.

--Rick Morrison

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  I want to model the end of J service hauling the Arrow and have noticed the original 5-car consist has the lead car replaced with combine.  Baggage cars and (I think) an RPO were added later and that's the consist I want to model.  I have these cars and the 5-car MTH set but the combine is mystery to me.


  Attached are 2 pix of the car I'm asking about.  What is it?  Has is been made in HO?  If not, any suggestions as to kitbashing one?


  Jim King



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