Rail Road Progress hopper kits

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AFAIK, ECW never produced a N&W H10, only the H2/2a/3 that you mentioned.
I do not know if RRP ever produced the H10.

Jim Brewer

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> I recently saw a 1987 RMC ad for Rail Road Progress listing the H2/2a/3
> which was also marketed by Eastern Car works.  Did RRP become ECW?  I know
> ECW has been out of business a long time and the molds went into hiding.
> Parts from those molds would not be accepted in today’s RTR, super-detailed
> world but I would like to find a few of the H10 kits, catalog number “36H”.
> Was the H10 ever produced?  If so, does anyone on this list have 1 or more
> to part with?  Trains shows and ebay are the only other options but if the
> car was never produced, no need to spend time hunting.  I have 3 H2/2a/3
> kits and they will require some work to make into decent kits (I’ll build
> all as H3) but should turn into something worth running once wire grabs,
> new steps and missing rivets are added.
> Jim King
> www.smokymountainmodelworks.com
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