Rail Road Progress hopper kits

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Tue Feb 26 11:22:07 EST 2019

I recently saw a 1987 RMC ad for Rail Road Progress listing the H2/2a/3
which was also marketed by Eastern Car works.  Did RRP become ECW?  I know
ECW has been out of business a long time and the molds went into hiding.
Parts from those molds would not be accepted in today's RTR, super-detailed
world but I would like to find a few of the H10 kits, catalog number "36H".


Was the H10 ever produced?  If so, does anyone on this list have 1 or more
to part with?  Trains shows and ebay are the only other options but if the
car was never produced, no need to spend time hunting.  I have 3 H2/2a/3
kits and they will require some work to make into decent kits (I'll build
all as H3) but should turn into something worth running once wire grabs, new
steps and missing rivets are added.


Jim King

 <http://www.smokymountainmodelworks.com/> www.smokymountainmodelworks.com


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