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Thanks for sharing Eric! New Haven sure knew how to make the EL-C’s look good. I hope the IRM restores their EL-C to its New Haven scheme.

-Evan Miller

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> For you broadly interested VGN and N&W enthusiasts:
> Two authentic sketches attached.  The first will strike an immediate chord, as it is the one NH adapted for its EF-4 paint scheme.  Interestingly, the graphic artist seemed to be suggesting gray underbody and truck sideframes, which did not eventuate. 
> But the NH’s graphic artist did a second sketch and submitted it to management for consideration.  The EF-4’s could have looked quite a bit different.
> Somehow I ended up with a Bachmann EF-4 in Conrail colors (bleah).  (That name reminds me of the joke, “What’s the antonym for ‘progress’?  Why, ‘Congress’, of course.”)  I’ll probably try to do this with orange decal stripes and logo decals on white paint.  As if the EL-C’s needed yet one more scheme!
> Anybody have a good technique for stripping Bachmann paint off plastic?
> -Eric Bott
> <ef4loco1.jpg>
> <ef4loco2.jpg>
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