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A few years ago three of us started on an article on the battleship
gons of the the three Pochahontas roads.  It started to swell into a
book that no one wanted to publish, even POD, so we're taking it back
to an article or a short series, and Ken has even expressed mild
interest.  So without giving the whole thing away (LOL)

We thought there would be about six battleship gon types.  Over the
three roads, and two other one-offs, we identified over a dozen prior
to 1960.  N&W had about 6 (without digging for the Dow book),
Virginian had 6, C&O had one.  The one-offs and rebuilds make the
numbers kind of fuzzy depending how you count.

Getting away from the gons, N&W had at least two (I hope)somewhat
experimental 100 ton hoppers, both with six wheel trucks, and PRR had
one.  It appears that these were  annoying in most service, so the
larger size gons and hoppers didn't progress for a while.

Modeling: there have been a few models of the Virginian cars, of
varying accuracy and quality.  Westerfield did a wonderful GKa, and
I'm not sure if the new owners have rerun it or intend to.   I'm not
sure what's more difficult: finding the kit, or finding one that has
been well put together.

The Red Ball and Concept Models battleship gons are probably best
ignored, IMHO.  They aren't right for anything, but maybe can be

Frank Bongiovanni

On 11/23/18, NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
> Ken:
> I agree that the Dow book covered the N&W battleship.  I recall that it also
> covered a C&O and a PRR battleship, where I'm using "battleship" to cover
> any gon with 100t or higher capacity and 6-wheel, plain journal trucks.
> (The latter eliminates the modern 100t+ gons from consideration.)
> Didn't Westerfield do the N&W battleship?  If so, even at $50+ per kit, that
> would have to be a FAR better option than going through the agony of
> developing a 3D model and having a bespoke printing done.  I doubt that a
> printing service would charge less than $50 per car anyway, even if it was
> done as a "flat kit".
> -Eric Bott
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> Jeff
> N&W built a one of a kind experimental hopper:
> http://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=25241
> Perhaps that is what you were thinking of. I found no reference to an
> article in the index search, however, I believe that Andrew Dow covered it
> in his book.
> Regarding the 3-D printing, there is truly some excellent work being done on
> those type of things. In going to shows in the last year, I saw some
> beautiful work done on ET&WNC cars, and wondered the same thing. It takes
> someone to develop the drawings for such, which has to be a labor of love
> for someone to do.
> Since this is closer to a modeling subject, I am also copying it to the
> modeling list
> Ken Miller
>> On Nov 23, 2018, at 3:48 AM, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org>
>> wrote:
>> Recent discussions with a friend on the VGN battleship gondola brought to
>> memory of a 6 wheel hopper I thought was VGN, but could also be N&W.
>> There were either photos or drawings in the ARROW, which I have gone
>> through and found the VGN car, but not the style I am remembering.
>> A friend of mine had his father cut the shape out of wood some years ago.
>> I got 6 wheel trucks for them, but never finished them.
>> Does anyone know or remember these cars, and where the drawing/photo was?
>> I know with all the talk of the manufacturers closing down, and really
>> putting the squeeze on available models, has anyone considered 3D
>> printing?
>> I have quite a few hoppers, excavators, front end loaders ect that were 3D
>> printed. I know they are not perfect and need extra attention, but after
>> putting micro-train trucks under them, they look quite nice and work fine.
>> 3D printing could offer unlimited items to manufacture, that otherwise
>> would never be made except for scratch building.
>> PS in the March/April 2006 issue of the ARROW, mine came with 2 front
>> covers, so if your issue is missing its front cover, I have it.
>> Jeff Wood
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