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 I need some help detailing my NWSL W-2 2-8-0. I'd like to model a specific engine if possible but unfortunately finding good photos is a bit of a problem, especially left and right sides in the same decade. I want to model one as they appeared in the 1950-53 time period right before the last of them were scrapped.  I'm willing to accept just making specific mods as there's a certain "look" I want to capture.
The air pumps on the model aren't the best I've seen and will be replaced. I was told at least one W-2 had a cross-compound pump. In Thieme's book on page 21 is a shot of 756 that appears to have a CC pump mounted far forward on the left side. Not a great photo to say the least.
Does anyone have good photos of W-2's showing a CC pump?
It looks like I will need to add:bent cylinder pipes above cylinderspower reverseNathan low water alarmtop feed check valvePyle HL (change)air pumps (change)
Basically it's a very nice engine as is. Sure wish NWSL would have done the V-1 and W-6 they teased us with.
Thanks in advance. Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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