Williamson gets the Luritorium built! On the Pokey!

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Wow!!! What an awesome story! What an awesome structure! It is beautiful. He did a wonderful job. I would love to see the inside lights also!
Thank you for sharing.

Jeff D 

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> Wow! Very impressive. What did he use for the concrete floor? Is it painted plaster or something else? 
> I have a couple (dozen) irons in the fire for my projects, including the 1980’s Shaffers Crossing building and the Virginian Station (rebuilt). Simulating concrete floors around track has been a challenge. I’ve painted foam core, artist mat board or poster board to simulate concrete.
> -Phil Miller
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> The Lubritorium on the Pokey!
> Hello fellow N & W modelers. Here is a model of a Lubritorium built by a fellow member in my club. I supplied all the blueprints and photos I could find along with the materials. It took Ira Deautch 6 months to build! He is currently 91 years old. He actually cut over 400 8 foot long scale pieces of Lucite rod to model the fluorescent fixtures!
> Please enjoy!
> Ray Russell Sr.
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