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I use "three feet" as the closest distance at which most spectators will
view our models.  Sometimes we have invoke a "six feet rule" because that's
the best approximation possible.  Many will get in closer, of course. Good
for them; many helpful suggestions result from such scrutiny.  Perfection
is an elusive goal and attaining it nigh unto impossible - and rarely worth
the effort.  Otherwise, a hobby becomes an obsession*.  Do the best of
which you're capable and enjoy it.  Yes, I've taken models I did decades
ago and redone them because I now found them unacceptable in some way.

Certainly the actual painting of a model is done close up.  And since I
"went to the spare parts department" as my late wife called it (cataract
surgery), with magnifiers.

*My personal OCD is having the correct trucks on streamlined passenger
cars.  Window spacing - I pretty much couldn't car less, within reason
(which I get to define!).

Thanks for the note!

Dave Phelps

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> On 7/24/2018 1:47 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> > meets the “can’t tell the difference at any distance greater than
> > three feet” test.
> Well, as far as I'm concerned, three feet is too far away. I don't
> build, paint, detail or peruse my models at arm's length! Especially in
> HO!!!
> Jimmy Lisle
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