Update on the Springmill Depot preorder of N&W Caboose

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You're right that we all want instant gratification. 

It sounds like those who have received models have been pleased. Hopefully
they're worth the wait - sort of like anticipating that Daisy Red Rider B-B
gun with the compass in the stock. (reference to the Jean Shepherd movie A
Christmas Story)

I have some of his DODX flat cars on order for almost a year now. He's
updated his website with some estimates. It sounds like they'll be worth it.
Hopefully he can eventually make progress on his orders backlog. 

-Phil Miller


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All I can say is my N-34's are a thing of beauty. It's worth the wait.  In
this world of instant gratification and then disappointment, it's nice to
have anticipation for something worth the while. Returns meaning to that
latter phrase!

Dave Bott

Saturday, July 21, 2018, 10:05:39 AM, you wrote:

I don't think any worries should be expended on the quality. SMD is a far
different company than Atlas or most others. The quality and accuracy of any
product they have produced is not an issue.

Like one poster just stated..........announcing such an ambitious project
when they already have so much on the menu that is still not delivered is
questionable practice.

Personally, I'm very sorry they made the announcement for N&W/VGN cabins.
I'm also on the B&O Group and have been listening to the crying and whining
for years now and will probably be hearing it for quite some time in the
future too. Now the N&W Group will make it a constant topic of despair!
Nothing is going to allow them to speed up the project and it will happen
when it does. Believe me.......SMD wants them here as much s we all do. They
re good guys caught in the Asian way of doing things. Just have patience and
keep an eye on your mail box.

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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> Fortunately, we will get the cab we want!!

I certainly hope that you all do!
A few years ago I was assured by Atlas that the O-scale C-31 cabs would
be correct...they were far from it!

Praying for you,
Jimmy Lisle

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