Union Terminal Imports Announces NS Heritage Locomotive Fleet in HO Scale.

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I don't recall seeing this posted here, so here goes.

Union Terminal Imports has announced, in HO Scale, the entire NS Heritage locomotive fleet, plus the Anniversary Unit #1030, for a total of 21 units. Each of units will be available individually as well as being able to buy all 21 units as a full set. Models for the Norfolk and Western, Virginian, Wabash and the Nickel Plate Road will be part of the offering.

Brian and Missy Marsh of Overland Hobbies have been recruited as the primary information source, as Brian spent a significant amount of time with each unit as they were being painted in either Altoona, Chattanooga or Muncie, IN, so these models will be as they were built, and will not include any modifications NS has made since the Spencer showing.

It is anticipated that these models will start shipping in mid to late 2019. Units are expected to ship in 4 - 5 name groups with 3 - 4 months between groups. Group configurations have not been announced as of yet.

MSRP has not been set, but the MSRP range I saw was ~$1,500 - $2,000. Street price should be less, but your mileage may vary depending on your preferred supplier.

Here is the complete manufacturer announcement: https://union-terminal-imports.com/2018/06/06/norfolk-southern-heritage-units/

As a full disclaimer, I am not affiliated or being compensated in any way by Union Terminal Imports.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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