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I would suggest you check out your track before giving up on the engine. I have had and know many folks who run the Bachmann engines in different runs and have no issues with them. A 3% grade may be a stretch for most 4-8-4's as that long engine just isn't much for stuff like that.
The round top tenders were #600-610. The flat top came with #611-613. 
The only brands of J's I know of in HO are several versions by Bachmann, a couple runs/versions by MTH, Sunset 1st run engines (#605-610), 2nd runs by Sunset (#605-610 J-1 unstreamlined, Excursion #610)  Sunset did a #604 too but I don't remember the run. Key and Overland also did several versions of J's. GEM did the #605-610 many years ago as well as PFM.
I have several Sunset 1st run J's for sale if interested. Maybe a J-1 also....undecided! Same goes for them......never seen one that wasn't a great runner or had any issues.
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I am looking for a new J class engine.  I currently have a Bachmann J Class but it just does not want to stay on the rails.  It does fine in straight runs, but in curves (22” radius to 36” radius) it keeps derailing.  It also will not go up a 3% grade with a string of passenger cars.  All of my other steam engines and diesels do fine on my rails and grades.  It appears that any place the rails are not absolutely perfect, it will derail.  Perhaps it is too light.  I am not too bummed as I only paid $124 for the DCC ready engine on eBay.  I added my own decoder and sound, which I can always use in other steam engines.  (I guess you get what you pay for).


Any suggestions on a good brand of J Class I can buy that, hopefully, will stay on my rails and pull up a 3% grade?  I have noticed that MTH offers J Class engines (more than I would like to pay) and they offer a flat tender or a rounded tender.  When was the switch from flat to round?  Any other good brands of J Class other than MTH?


Thanks for your opinions.


Jack Fletcher​

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